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Stretch Is For Everyone

Amanda Griffiths

Stretch is for

Our goal being to improve flexibility, strength and posture

We can all Improve our flexibility

While stretching won't fight wrinkles, it will help our bodies feel and act younger for a longer period of time. Our mobility, due to more lengthened and supple muscle fibers, allows our body to stay in top shape for a longer period of time

At this Express 25 minute class expect a mix of static and dynamic stretches focused on improving muscles that generally tend to carry the most tension and stress.

Suitable for all ages, abilities and attitudes to exercise, one of the key points to the class is to get everyone moving freely again.
Mobilise with movement and then stretch to the point of a decent stretch - nothing uncomfortable, no flinching, no shaking, no holding your breath, but most definitely smiling. You'll quickly see and feel the benifits.

Book a Taster Class to see what a stretched body & relaxed mind can feel like

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