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About Me time Pilates

‘Me..time’ Pilates was founded by me ‘Amanda Griffiths’ in 2009, my aim was to offer a truly personalised and tailored experience for all clients to meet their individual needs. Having experienced considerable back problems myself, I found my long term solution was Pilates – a message I continue to share. The personal ‘Me..time’ approach means each person does only the most suitable exercises for them and their individual needs, instead of simply following a set of routine movements. This individual and personal approach is the key to me, therefore a pre-requisite for all ‘Me..time’ Pilates Instructors.

I'm a highly qualified Level 3 Pilates Instructor with many years’ extensive teaching experience of group classes, One2one personal training and a wealth of experience in rehabilitation. I trained over 18 months originally with UK based Future fit, but I continue with on-going training every year. BOOK a class











My passion is problem-solving, I am constantly finding new ways to assist clients to achieve their goals, either by breaking down the exercises to make them more achievable, or by providing solutions to their training problems. Identifying an obvious need for better quality equipment, I launched my own range in recent years and am currently working on a range of training products. Visit our SHOP

Our journey so far…