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Equine Massage

Pilates for Horses - Equine Pilates

Equine Massage Workshops for Horse Owners

Looking for your horse to be at optimal health and comfort, working at their best all year-round?

Yes, I hear you say, join our 1 Day Workshop to learn skills and tips, to help you achieve just this!

Our Workshop is for those interested in learning Massage techniques which they can use to help their own horses. Its an invaluable skill to have, it will enable you to treat your horse frequently between Professional Treatments, encouraging your horse to be more comfortable and performing at their best most of the time. 

Massage offers a multitude of benefits including:

  • Reduce muscle tension and discomfort.

  • Increase range of movement and improve suppleness.

  • Improve comfort and provides some pain relief.

  • Improve posture.

  • Increases circulation.

  • Reduce the chance of injury.

  • Promotes relaxation.

What you'll learn

  • Various massage techniques, how and where to use them.

  • Lots of hands-on practice.

  • Equine surface anatomy and muscles.

  • Common areas of stress and how to identify signs before they become a problem.

  • Differentiating between normal and pain responses.

  • How to check for discomfort.

  • Basic Stretches.

  • Small groups to ensure plenty of individual attention.

  • Best of all, you’ll build further on the bond you share with your horse.

Take Home

  • Comprehensive workbook with instruction and pictures.

  • Certificate of Attendance (Optional).

  • Oodles of confidence and enthusiasm to get started

Workshop Options

Come to ‘Me..time’ Equine HQ to learn and practice on our lovely horses. (Worcestershire) 1 Day Workshops cost £125

Host Yard, hold a workshop at your yard and we’ll practice on your horses. If you’d like to hold a Workshop or have any questions, please get in touchContact Me

½ Day Workshops specifically designed for small groups at MTE HQ or at your own yard. Contact Me

Private 121 Bookings where we come to you and teach you how to practice on your own horse. This comes with relevant content tailored to the needs of your horse. Contact Me

Learn more benefits of Equine Massage

Equine Massage Workshops are accredited by UK Rural Skills a provider of quality and safety assured training.