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FAQs Equine Pilates

What is Equine Pilates™?

Equine Pilates™ is a conditioning program which increases core stability, strength and balance. It redresses any imbalances and realigns the body from poll to tail. It will improve posture, relieve tension and achieve a balance between strength & flexibility. It achieves all this through mobilisations, exercises and stretches within the barn, in-hand and ridden.

What is the purpose of Equine Pilates™?

The purpose of Equine Pilates is to bring the same holistic approach to health, as we do with Humans, releasing, mobilising and strengthening the horse from within. We aim to strengthen the core muscles and restore the spine to its optimal alignment with a full range of motion, enabling the horse to move more freely, without pain, and progress as an athlete.

Practicing Pilates weekly with your horse will lead to less injuries, improved performance and a more comfortable / happy horse. Pilates is also invaluable for speeding up rehabilitation.

Amanda (Minnie) is very enthusiastic to ensure everyone knows that with just a little bit of effort, they can make the most enormous difference to their horse’s health and wellbeing by practicing Pilates.

We all care about the welfare and comfort of our horses, sharing the Equine Pilates Program will lead to many more happy, healthy and pain free horses.

Does Equine Pilates™ have testimonials?

Yes we do. Amanda (Minnie) is passionate about Pilates and sharing her knowledge, it shines through in the testimonials. Click here to review some.

When / why was Equine Pilates™ founded?

Equine Pilates™ was created in 2021 when all hope was lost for Amanda's Horse Molly. She'd had surgery for Kissing spine in 2016, but in 2021 it had returned, this time the condition was severe and untreatable.

In her quest to achieve comfort for Molly, Amanda decided to draw on her 14 years Pilates Instructor experience and adopt the principles of Pilates to horses. To achieve a mirror image of the Pilates program for humans, the exercises, mobilisations and stretches were sourced from around the world and practiced on Molly. Within months of practice, the results were enormous Molly was comfortable and under saddle again.

The Equine Pilates™ program was established in March 2022 by Amanda Griffiths (Minnie). To deliver genuine benefits to horses, the most efficient way to share the program, was through workshops. Teaching horse owners how to perform the exercises, would enable them to practice Pilates at least weekly with their horses, which would achieve noticeable results.

As horse owners, we always want the best for them, by introducing a weekly Pilates class to our horses could be one of the kindest things we can do for them. It’s easy to learn and with some small adjustments to your usual routine, you can easily incorporate Equine Pilates™ into your yard, ridden, ground, in-hand and lunging work.

You will build an even greater bond with your horse through the stretch routines and become more aware of your horses strengths and limitations, enabling you to identify any weaknesses before they become a problem.

Click hear to read the full story

What can Equine Pilates™ offer students?

1 Day face2face hands on practical Workshops teaching you the skills, knowledge and techniques to bring holistic therapies to your own horses for optimal health. Small groups to ensure personal attention, you'll leave with confidence to get started.

Workshops available:

  • Equine Pilates™ Introduction

  • Equine Pilates™ Advanced

  • Total Equine Stretch

  • Equine Massage

Extra Information available:

  • Regular Blog Articles

  • Online videos and tutorials available for all Workshop attendees

  • Upcoming events calendar

What's Involved in an Equine Pilates™ Workshop?

  • Theory - Pilates and horse anatomy

  • Pilates demonstrations

  • Lots of hands-on practice

  • Exercises to strengthen the horses 'Core Muscles'

  • Mobilise the horses Spine and Joints

  • Stretch the Horse from Poll to Tail

Where is Equine Pilates™ based?

Equine Pilates™ is based in the West Midlands at Oaktrees Farm, in Worcestershire, giving us easy access (Only 8 minutes) from the motorway network.

The Equine Pilates™ HQ has great facilities for both theory and practical sessions. Plenty of space to see all the demonstrations and work comfortably.

Most workshops are conducted within our huge spacious barn, (occasionally we use the menage, weather dependant) with the demonstration / practice horses at hand. The classroom area is private and quiet providing a good teaching space where we also use audio visual equipment.

Refreshments and facilities available.

We provide a variety of different horses to work on, giving you a broad experience to help build your confidence.

What will I learn at an Equine Pilates™ Workshop?

  • Pre work Equine Pilates™ routine (Includes Mobilisations, Activations and Stretches)

  • Post work Equine Pilates™ routine (Includes Mobilisations, Activations and Stretches)

  • In-barn, in-hand, ridden and longing exercises (Non practical)

  • Lots of hands-on practice to gain confidence in technique

  • Small groups ensure plenty of individual attention.

Take Home Material

  • Comprehensive workbook includes purpose, instruction and colour pictures.

  • Certificate of Attendance (optional).

  • Oodles of confidence and enthusiasm to get started.

 Equine Pilates™ Workshop Options

Come to Equine Pilates™ HQ to learn and practice on our lovely horses.

Become a Host Yard. Unfortunately, because we need experienced horses for Equine Pilates Workshops this option is not available.

½ Day Workshops specifically designed for small groups of friends. Work on our horses and / or bring your own to Equine Pilates™ HQ. (Max 2 horses) Because Horses need to learn how to practice Equine Pilates™ we’ll teach you on experienced horses as well as your own, ensuring you have all the tips and tools to progress quickly. All content is tailored to the needs of the group. Contact Us

Private 121 Bookings ½ Day – work on our horses and / or bring your own to Equine Pilates™ HQ. Because Horses need to learn how to practice Equine Pilates™ we’ll teach you on experienced horses as well as your own, ensuring you have all the tips and tools to progress quickly. All content is tailored to the needs of you and your horse. Contact Us

What qualifications does Amanda (Minnie) hold?

  • Level 4 qualified Pilates Instructor – Since 2009

  • Level 3 Equine Massage Therapist – Since 2021

  • Level 3 Massage Therapist - Too many years to mention

  • Fully Insured for both Humans and Horses (Incl Public Liability)

  • 1st Aid Qualified

  • Registered member of N.A.R.E.M.T (National Association of Registered Equine Massage Therapists)

  • Registered member of CIMSPA (Chartered Institute for the Management of Sport and Physical Activity)

  • All Equine Workshops are accredited by UK Rural Skills (Provider of quality and safety assured training)

Click here to learn more about Amanda (Minnie) and how / why Equine Pilates™ was created.

How do I contact Equine Pilates™?

  • Call us on 07791 873 870 

  • Email us at info@equinepilates.co.uk

  • Or start a conversation in the chat below....

Is Equine Pilates™ on social media?

  • Yes we are active on social media. We regularly post top tips, facts and the upcoming events.

  • Link & Follow us on Facebook here

  • Follow us on Instagram here

Does Equine Pilates™ have a blog?

We publish regular blogs on everything and anything relating to Pilates as well as new event dates click here to see the latest one. To receive notifications, follow this link to our homepage. At the bottom of the page, add your email to sign up for the latest news, offers and workshop dates.