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Introducing Equine Massage & Pilates

Amanda Griffiths Equine Massage in Worcestershire

As a Pilates teacher for humans and being a horsewoman myself I've seen first-hand how consistent, quality exercise can ward off strain and injury, as well as heal and rehabilitate.

When my young horse was diagnosed with an extreme back condition, I turned to my knowledge of Pilates—the method I've used to ease back pain in human clients for years—for help. I began to find ways to “bridge the gap” between the horse's mind and body to help increase her body awareness and core engagement.

At last, finally I've taken the passion i have for my own horses care and rehabilitation to the next level. I've become a fully qualified, certified and insured Equine Sport and Massage Therapist, I'm excited to start sharing my wealth of experience with others.

Get in touch to see how I can help your horse?

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