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Pilates isn't just a class, it's a practice that changes your body for a lifetime

Is This You?

You’re keen to increase your fitness levels, look and feel younger than your years. You want to feel more active throughout your week without having to sweat it out at the gym and/or risking injury. You’d love to be more toned, feel stronger, be more mobile and ultimately defy the aging process. You’ve got a passion for looking after yourself, and you’re therefore keen to invest in doing a form of exercise that’ll leave you feeling energised, looser and taller after every session.

Feeling the negative effects of a sedentary or inactive lifestyle because of your job. Long days sitting at a desk, or hours driving in the car between meetings, leaves you feeling sluggish, stiff and at risk of many health conditions. Your leisure time is also often sitting: socialising, using a mobile device, watching Sport and TV, all this inactivity increases your health risks.

Your teens feel long gone and you’re starting to notice that your body doesn’t move, feel and react in the same way as before. Your muscles and joints are starting to ache, you’re noticing an increasing number of persistent pains in your body, which take much longer to go away than they used to. You feel stiff, you’ve lost muscle tone and strength and your posture has been affected by too much sitting at a desk or other bad habits that you’ve picked up along the way. You feel older than your years and doing simple tasks like getting up off the floor, playing with your children/grandchildren, walking up and down the stairs or getting in and out of the bath feel a lot more challenging than they once did.

You struggle daily to live with a health condition which affects your ability to enjoy life to the full due to many factors, including the management of pain or a lack of mobility. These can include Chronic Back Pain, Joint Pain, Arthritis, Fibromyalgia, Multiple Sclerosis and Post-surgery / Rehabilitating.

‘Look / Feel Fitter and Be Stronger with Fewer Aches / Pains’

If any of the above resonate with you, our group Pilates Classes might just be what you’re looking for.

Pilates is a total body exercise regime, working from the inside out to restore core muscle strength, balance and posture. The benefits are endless, you’ll see an improvement in strength, body shape, body awareness, energy levels, flexibility, as well as a reduction of aches and pains.

‘More Benifits from Practicing Pilates’

Obtain Strong Core Muscles | Improve Posture | Better Balance | Enjoy A Flexible Body | Get Your Mobility Back | Speed Up Rehabilitation | Manage the Challenges of A Health Condition | Injury Prevention | Achieve Better Sleep |

Overall Health Benefit | See and Feel a Body Difference | Stay in Shape | Improve Fitness | Feel Amazing Mentally & Physically After Class | Delay Aging | Switch Off & Clear Your Mind | Good For Mental Health

Enjoy Every Class | Socialise with Classmates | Be Motivated by the Teacher

How Can Our Group Classes Help You?

We offer group Pilates mat and Stretch classes in Worcestershire within the City, plus Ombersley Village and Sytchampton. Find out more about Pilates & Stretch

We keep classes small enough for you to receive individual support and attention within a group setting. All teachers are highly qualified and well trained to offer hands on adjustments and adaptions. All this ensures you perform the exercises correctly, to achieve maximum benefit from each class. Why choose us

All classes are planned in advance to meet the varying needs within the group. We try to make sure our classes are as tailored to everyones needs as possible. New to Pilates, how to get started

You’ll notice every class you attend, is completely different from the one before, ensuring that you continue to progress, don’t get bored and certainly don’t plateau. Variability when exercising is the key to great results and aims to keep you more motivated for longer. Class levels explained

We also provide Private 121 training - Click here for more information

What To Bring To Class

You will need a mat, a resistance band and a towel to each class. These can be purchased from our shop. You’ll be required to complete a health form prior to attending your first session, your instructor needs to be aware of any medical history or present medical conditions which may affect what you can and can’t do in the class. This information will help the teacher to better tailor the class to you and your needs, Our aim is for you to feel comfortable in order to gain as much as possible from the classes.

If you’re interested in booking a class with us, please review our class timetable to find a class that’ll suit you, then click here to fill out the enquiry form and we’ll get back to you ASAP to book you in.


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