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Battling with Box Rest or Restricted Turnout This Winter?

Amanda Griffiths

It’s a challenge for both the Horse and us the Owner. We worry about our horses physical and mental wellbeing during this time and for us, one of our concerns is damage limitation. By practicing Equine Pilates with your horse during this period, it addresses many of your concerns and reduces the negative side effects caused by limited movement.

YES Pilates for Horses! It's real, created through personal necessity and is based on authentic Pilates principles, working the body as a whole, from inside out.

How To Manage Box Rest and Restricted Turnout

TOP 3 Equine Pilates Benefits

  1. The Horses Mental Well-being

Isolation and confinement from their friends can lead to boredom, stress, and even depression in some cases. These negative emotions can lead to extremely bad behaviour and it can affect the healing process.

Practicing the Equine Pilates routines with you horse several times a week or even daily, gives them some entertainment. Because their engaging with you, it reduces their boredom, which can help reduce their stress.

  1. Physical Health

Inactivity is extremely negative, it can lead to muscle atrophy, decreased bone density, and weakened ligaments. Increased overall stiffness and legs filling up is a common problem.

To reduce these negative affects, the Horse needs gentle movement to pump healthy, oxygenated blood around the body. Through the low impact mobilisations, stretches and exercises within the Equine Pilates Programme it can help maintain muscle tone, improve circulation, and prevent stiffness. Working from the Poll to Tail its addressing the horse as a whole, to keep them moving freely throughout, reducing the chances of developing further problems.

  1. Increase Your Emotional Bond and Awareness

Although this is a challenging time for both you and your horse, it’s also a great opportunity to spend some quality time with them, get to know them even better. Through practicing the Equine Pilates routines regularly, you’ll become very aware of your horses strengths and weaknesses and you’ll see positive changes in the way they move. Because of this increased awareness, you’ll note any negative changes very quickly, so you’ll be able to address them before they become a problem.

How To Get Started

Book a 1 day workshop where you’ll learn how to introduce Equine Pilates into your horses daily life, from within the barn, to in-hand and even ridden work. Our Authentic Equine Pilates Programme is all about, skeletal alignment, balance and core muscle strength. Surely every horse can benefit, we want them to move freely, pain free and balanced.

Using our horses of varying experience to practice on, we promise you an engaging, hands on and informative day. Leave with a user manual detailing the exercises in pictures and words, because it’s important to have something to follow with your own horse. And.. We’re always at the end of the phone for support and advice following your workshop because we want your horse to benefit.

1 Day Workshops (10am – 3pm) run between March and November at our HQ, its centrally located in Worcestershire 5 minutes from the M5 J6.

Here is a link to find out more.

Here is a link to buy a workshop.

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