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Covid-19 Class Procedures

We’re so happy to be back in class!

We're delighted, we can finally resume Face2face Pilates classes, albeit on a smaller scale and in a slightly different way.

It's been a long time, but we're finally resuming some classes. We've carried out a full COVID-19 risk assessment and will be putting the procedures below in place to make sure your classes are safe and we keep you all healthy.

Following a careful review of all the official guidance and advice, we've put in place some key changes to ensure you can safely return to class. Below is a bit more information about the new class procedure.

Check Yourself Out:

We’re asking all clients to self monitor for symptoms. If you’re not feeling well, please let us know right away and please do not attend if you’re in any doubt. In the event anyone falls ill at any time, please inform us so that we can make everyone aware and take part in track and trace.

Class Timings:

All classes will now last 50 minutes to give us extra time  for change over. Classes will start and finish on time and we ask that you don’t hang around before or after class. (sorry, we know you enjoy socialising, but we must limit numbers in the room at any one time)

Class Size:

All classes must adher to social distancing between the mats, expect less attendees per class. Class numbers will vary for each venue.

What to bring to the class?

We ask you to bring as little as possible to class, please leave your personal effects in the car where possible. You’ll need a mat, a band if you have one, a water bottle and you must wear socks. (If you're wearing a mask it will be removed during the class)

During the Classes:

If the weather (and noise) permits, we'll be keeping the windows and doors open during the classes. So, depending on the weather, you may need to add (or remove) a layer of clothing. Please bring an extra layer just in case!

Coronavirus Screening:

When you arrive at class, we'll take your temperature with a forehead thermometer. Anyone with a high temperature will not be able to join the class.

What to expect: Step by Step

  1. Please don't arrive any earlier than 10 minutes before your class because you'll be asked to wait outside.
  2. We'll ask you to come in one by for a tempreture check.
  3. Please ensure you stay on your mat throughout and keep any personal effects within your area.
  4. Masks are not mandatory, but we appreciate their use on arrival and leaving class
  5. Please ensure you are wearing socks.
  6. Make your way out of the class, using the fire exit.

We know how much you all value the ‘social’ aspect of classes, catching up and chatting is part of the experience. However, for now we must strictly limit the number of attendees in class at any one time, so we’d really appreciate your support by leaving classes promptly.

Thank you!

We very much hope in time we can relax the guidance. For now, we hope you understand it is in the best interest of us all, so any decisions are based on this. We’ve been providing Pilates classes to the local people of Worcestershire since 2009 and we want to ensure this can continue for a long time to come!

We appreciate your compliance with the new ways, your understanding and your continued support.