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The Equine Pilates™ Principles

Breath – To build healthy strong muscles a horse needs to breath freely, they need to be free from stress and tension.

Concentration – Our horses need to be able to place their feet in the right place to achieve distances and execute good transitions.

Centering – This applies to the core muscles which bridge the front and hind end which must flow freely.

Control – Activating the correct muscle at the correct time with balance, co-ordination and consistency.

Precision - By isolating smaller muscles we can maximise the strength benefit from each exercise.

Flow – A well balanced horse can move with ease and grace.

Balance – Muscles need to be strengthened evenly, both sides, front to back and top to bottom.

Equine Pilates™ Workshops are accredited by UK Rural Skills a provider of quality and safety assured training.


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 “I highly recommend Equine Pilates for anyone looking to help their horse live their best life and perform at their best! I’ve spent years trying one thing after another, but never kept it up. I love this, its practical and because it’s a total body program, it gives me something to follow for the maximum health of my horses. One of the best workshops I’ve ever attended, it was an enjoyable day, I learnt loads and the take home material is fantastic. Amanda gave lots of help and support, even after the workshop, thank you! I’m excited to make Pilates part of my horse’s lives, I’ll be back for more!”

~ Bev Hunter