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Equine Pilates for horses is a conditioning program which increases core stability, strength and balance. It redresses any imbalances and realigns the body from poll to tail. It will improve posture, relieve tension and achieve a balance between strength & flexibility.

Equine Pilates for horses has been specifically created to deliver the same excellent benefits we see in humans. Following the same Pilates principles we work on core strength, improving topline, overall flexibility, mobility and balance. It’s a very flexible program, Equine Pilates can be practiced daily by incorporating it into ridden, ground, in-hand and lounging work.

Research and my own personal experience shows that Equine Pilates develops a much stronger and better balanced horse, which in turn improves performance, reduces the risk of injury and accelerates rehabilitation.

Equine Pilates Principals:

Breath – To build healthy strong muscles a horse needs to breath freely, they need to be free from stress and tension.

Concentration – Our horses need to be able to place their feet in the right place to achieve distances and execute good transitions.

Centering – This applies to the core muscles which bridge the front and hind end which must flow freely.

Control – Activating the correct muscle at the correct time with balance, coordination and consistency

Precision - By isolating smaller muscles we can maximise the strength benefit from each exercise.

Flow – A well balanced horse can move with ease and grace.

Balance – Muscles need to be strengthened evenly, both sides, front to back and top to bottom.

Equine Massage offers a multitude of benefits to stimulate a horse both physically and mentally. Whatever the breed or discipline, massage is used for injury prevention, recovery / rehabilitation and improved performance delivering overall wellness for any horse. Click HERE to fnd out more

About Me

Hi, I'm Minnie (Amanda), a very passionate Pilates Instructor and sports massage therapist for both Horses and humans.

I aim to provide exceptional care by means of a therapeutic and holistic approach to the release of muscular tension and structural realignment.

I use a variety of techniques to improve soft tissue and joint function. These include therapeutic massage, deep tissue massage, trigger point therapy and myofascial release techniques. Because of my experience and passion for Pilates, I have an in depth understanding of rehabilitative exercises which I bring to the horse with specific exercises, passive and active stretches, as well as bespoke programs for rehabilitation or improved performance.

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As a certified and Insured Pilates & Equine Massage Practitioner, I look forward to bringing relief, relaxation and rejuvenation to your horse.