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Light Resistance Band (Yellow)

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Product Description

Resistance Band (Yellow) 1 – 1.5kg Band is a cost effective solution to enhance your exercise program, or can be used for rehabilitation and conditioning. With its ‘light resistance’ this band provides a smooth progressive resistance throughout a full range of movement, with a smooth return. You can integrate it into nearly all training techniques and rehabilitation programs easily. Training with a light band is easier on the joints, so less likely to cause injuries than training with weights. The band can easily be tied and untied in knots to create loops, for looping around your feet, arms etc for specific therapy exercises.

  • Ideal for stretching, warm-up, Pilates, Yoga, rehabilitation & conditioning
  • 1.5m length – Long length
  • Resistance level – Extra Light 1 – 1.5kg (Yellow)
  • Shades of the colour may vary
  • Tested beyond 5000 repetition

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