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Why Pilates for Horses?

Pilates isn't just an exercise programme, it's a practice which improves the horse’s body for a lifetime!  

Don’t we all want our horses to live their best life? Practicing Pilates with your horse can help them with strength, stability and flexibility. Let’s give them the strength to carry us in comfort and perform at their best!

Just like with humans, for a horse to function as it should and perform at its best, it needs to be like a well-oiled machine. The goal with Pilates is to release, mobilise and strengthen the horse from within, giving freedom to move.


The benefits of Pilates are enormous. Expect improvements in your horse’s posture, flexibility, mobility and core muscle strength enabling them to carry us with ease and perform at their best. We’re aiming to strengthen the core muscles and restore the spine to its optimal alignment with a full range of motion, enabling the horse to move more freely, without pain, and progress as an athlete.


‘Core muscle’ strength for a Strong Back

Improve range of motion of joints

Improve transitions

Increase self-carriage

Improve bend


Increased muscle strength, endurance and control

Core strength ensures horse can sufficiently support its back to carry a rider   

Correcting body alignment enables the horse to move skeletally as it should, reducing undue pressure on joints


Improve posture, muscle tone and joint mobility

Low impact exercises for stability and balance

Core muscle strength promotes even musculature throughout the whole body


Reduce stiffness

Reduce pain

Increase comfort

Free movement

Develop a deeper bond

We're Experts in the Authentic Pilates Principles where its proven to be incredibly powerful for core muscle strength. When practiced correctly, it can make the entire body stronger and more flexible in no time. Pilates trains the body as an integrated whole, focusing on core muscles, whole body strength, as well as flexibility and posture. Practicing Pilates promotes overall strength, balanced muscle development and an increased range of motion of joints. Every year more and more Doctors and Healthcare Professionals recommend Pilates for General Health, Injury Prevention, Rehabilitative purposes and for the Management / Reduction of Back pain.

I'm Principal Instructor at 'Me..time' Pilates and I created the Equine Pilates Programme through personal necessity. I've seen 1st hand the unbelievable results Pilates can achieve, so when all hope was lost for my horse Molly, I experimented to see if I could mirror the same Authentic Pilates Principles to benefit her. (Molly has a secondary untreatable Kissing Spine condition.) The results have been truly amazing, she's now strong, fit, pain free and working again. Its a miracle! The exercises are based on research from around the world and my own experience. Its a flexible and varied programme, all exercises and stretches can be practiced easily within the daily routine.