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Benefits of Massage Therapies and Equine Stretch


Stimulate circulatory and lymphatic systems (accelerate cell
renewal and tissue repair) Reduce recovery time Removal of lactic acid Calms the nervous system Influence neural pathways and aid proprioception Improve the condition of the skin.


Aids symmetry and straightness Improved range of movement
and freedom of movement Improved co-ordination and body awareness Improved strength and ability to perform Improved technique – jumping and flatwork.

Muscles & Joints

  • Improve muscle and joint
    flexibility, muscle tone and suppleness.

  • Release muscle spasms.

  • Reduce the risk of muscle/soft tissue injury.

  • Improve atrophied muscles.

  • Calm hypertrophic muscles.

  • Warm muscles in preparation for work.

  • Reduce stiffness.

  • Relieve painful and arthritic joints.

  • Increase and maintain optimal range of movement in joints.

  • Helps prevent and repair adhesions.

  • Supports soft tissues and maintains muscle tone during box rest or restricted exercise.

  • Early identification of problem areas.

  • Manipulation of spinal joints helps horses with chronic back problems.

Chronic Issues and back problems

Soft tissue and joint mobilisation therapy can help with a variety of chronic and long-term issues including Chronic back problems, Equine rhabdomyolysis syndrome, (Azoturia) Laminitis Arthritis, Intermittent lameness.

Massage therapies and Equine Pilates are commonly used as an integral part of a management plan to manage a range of conditions. Please contact me if you have any specific questions about your horse.