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Beginner Classes

New To Pilates?

Pilates is really enjoyable, incredibly beneficial and suitable for just about anyone whatever age or ability.

Before joining mainstream classes, you need to learn the basic fundamentals, these include correct posture, body alignment, effective breathing, spinal / shoulder stabilisation and most importantly how to engage the core muscles in isolation, this is vital to ensure you work effectively to achieve your goals.

JANUARY SALE - Save 30% Option #2

Pilates Beginner Courses - 2 Options

Option #1 2 Week Group Beginner Course

2 week Beginner courses run frequently throughout the year. Get in touch for details

What's included:

  • Set up instruction booklet and on-going support material to support you with home training.

  • Small groups to ensure plenty of individual attention and support (Max 6)

Cost: £34.00 Inclusive BOOK NOW


    OPTION #2 Private 121 Introduction

    JANUARY SALE - Save 30% NOW ONLY £52.50 

    Get started right away to join weekly group classes in no time. Private 121 lessons run throughout the year & includes FREE Online support videos, Plus a FREE Intermediate Taster Class to complete your introduction to Pilates get in touch for details

    What's included:

    1.  ONE PRIVATE 121 CLASS Personal instruction from one of our Highly qualified and Professional Instructors. We'll help you master your technique and prepare you for group classes. (Worth £65.00)

    2. PLUS ONLINE VIDEO TUTORIALS A collection of 11 short tutorial videos covering all the basic steps of Pilates. Watch & practice over and over again until you gain confidence. Available 24/7 with 2 weeks access (Worth £20.00)

    3. PLUS ATTEND A LOCAL INTERMEDIATE CLASS Following the Private 121 and using the tutorials to complete your learning experience attend a Group Class. Following this class you'll be ready to join weekly classes. Typically attended 1 week after the 21. (Worth £13.50)

    Upon booking we'll be in touch to organise your private 121 class and send you details of group class options near you. We're here to help you throughout your Pilates journey.

      Cost: £75.00 Inclusive (Save £23.50) BOOK NOW

      JANUARY SALE - Save 30% NOW ONLY £52.50 


          What You'll Learn

          How to correct your posture - stand and sit comfortably, look more confident, elegant and younger

          How to move freely with correct alignment of the spine and joints

          How to find and contract your 'core muscles' to give you strength and support

          How to breathe to achieve - Improve how you feel about yourself physically and mentally

          How to use Pilates to take ownership of your condition and improve it


          Course detail

          Small group classes ensure enough individual attention for all our Clients

          Private 121 tuition is available at all class venues

          Home training support material available

          Practical tips on how to improve your posture and 'core muscle' control by simply making tiny adjustments to your daily habits

          FREE Online video tutorials (Available with the 121 Introduction)

          FREE Intermediate Taster Class after the Private 121 to complete your Pilates experience (Available with the 121 Introduction)


          You'll need to bring an exercise mat to class. BUY ONE HERE