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Ultimate Pilates Mat 'Position..Me' Extra Long Extra Thick

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We’ve created and designed our newest and most exciting Pilates Mat to date!

Like our other mats, its extra thick 12mm, its extra-long 204cm, but this one has so much more, it’s a revolutionary Pilates training solution!

Introducing ‘Position..Me’ Your correct alignment Pilates mat! It POSITIONS YOU in the right place for most exercises every time you train, helping you to achieve faster effective and lasting results.


Product Details:

  • Hand, knee and footprints provide a template, to achieve correct alignment for the majority of exercises every time you train
  • Pack includes step by step user guide
  • One size fits all – mark prints to personalise it to your own correct position
  • Perfect for Beginners and Professionals alike to increase training results
  • Studio quality, it provides the very best support, comfort and stability
  • Exercise on the smooth firm side, for good support with no mat stretch
  • The shock absorbent base has a ribbed non-slip texture
  • Extra-large overall size 204cm x 61cm x 1.2cm
  • Longer 21cm length reduces coming off mat while exercising and especially beneficial for taller individuals
  • Rolls compact for easy carry and storage
  • Very light weight and comes with a carry strap
  • Black unisex colour helps mask marks which will appear over time
  • Easy to clean with a damp cloth and wipe dry
  • Suitable for Studios, Clubs, Gyms and Individuals
  • Made from durable NBR Rubber, Phenol and 6P Free
  • RoHS


So how does it work? Use the whole, or part of the hand, knee and footprints to maintain correct alignment during most exercises. You know when you’re working in alignment it’s easier to isolate core muscles, enabling them to be work more effectively, which ultimately leads to faster effective results. It a win win!

Why two different prints? The ‘Position..Me’ template was created following extensive research. We discovered people of all heights and frames could work within a simple 5ft and 6ft template, making the prints on the mat a one size fits all solution. You simply find your correct position for the main exercises and mark the mat around your own prints personalising it to you.

How do I find my correct positions? For best results, we recommend using a mirror to help you or alternatively ask your class instructor to assist you to find your correct position and mark the mat appropriately.

At ‘Me..time’ teaching Pilates is our passion. We love sharing our experience and unique techniques. We are continually creating and developing ideas to help you achieve the best results and maximise your Pilates enjoyment.

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